Year: 2013

Coins for Kids campaign wraps up
The Black Press-Greater Victoria Coins for Kids campaign raised $951.80 during the holiday season

Wire Service / December 31, 2013

Golfing weather
Victorians are enjoying the outdoors in the mild winter temperatures.

Sharon Tiffin / December 29, 2013

2013 in arts
We look back at some of the entertainment highlights from the last year

Wire Service / December 28, 2013

Sandown an opportunity
With the average age of farmers at 56 years, we need more farmers and we have to find creative ways to give young farmers access to land

Wire Service / December 27, 2013

Check real science, not the Internet
In a previous letter I gave one example of hard data to indicate that there is peer reviewed science to support increased temperatures

Wire Service / December 27, 2013