David Suzuki

Science literacy is good for society

What could be better than using a puzzling question as an opportunity to teach your children how to analyze research

We’re killing the oceans with plastic

Reducing the amount of plastic we dump into the oceans is a challenge we can meet.

Blue Dot Tour: It’s about all of us

David Suzuki’s last national tour makes stop in Victoria

DAVID SUZUKI: Reflect on your Canada this July 1

Think about how the country you live in is changing

DAVID SUZUKI: Environmentalists are still being targeted by some governments

Episodes of violence against international activists not uncommon occurrence

DAVID SUZUKI: Philippines tragedy shows urgency of Warsaw climate summit

Reducing world's reliance on fossil fuels must be part of global climate change strategy

DAVID SUZUKI: Getting dirty may be good for you

Early indications are that introducing some germs to one's environment may help boos immunities

DAVID SUZUKI: Help solve an orange-and-black mystery

Monarch butterflies in serious danger of losing population momentum

DAVID SUZUKI: Despite Fukushima, eating fish is safe

Radioactivity measurement shows trace amounts, but strontium levels must be watched

DAVID SUZUKI: A silver bullet for climate change?

Geoengineering is one method for dealing with problem, but method is largely untested

DAVID SUZUKI: Keep your butts to yourself

Cigarette remnants flicked everywhere ultimately harm environment

DAVID SUZUKI: Value of nature tough to pin down

Taking the basics of our environment for granted a dangerous precedent to set

SUZUKI: Transit planning critical for cities

Large cities have specific transportation problems, but Greater Victoria could take a page out of their books

Energy will determine Canada’s fate

Crisis is a powerful motivator, as we saw during the economic crash of 2008.

SUZUKI: Uruguay president offers shining example

South America's Nelson Mandela maintains a simple life

COLUMN: Feds must heed damning report

Federal government auditor made some serious implications

SUZUKI: After 25 years, it’s time to stop spinning our wheels

World leaders began talking about climate change decades ago

SUZUKI: Let’s all resolve to make it a real happy new year

Happiness quotient an important measure of a society's success

SUZUKI: Get your kids away from the screen and into the green

Getting outside makes a big difference overall to children's health

DAVID SUZUKI: Being healthy actually comes naturally to us all

Human body has ability to heal itself, if taken care of

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