Cheaper solutions available to reduce speeding in park

Speed humps could have solved problem and left park more accessible

Police departments need more funding, not less

Removing bike patrols in Saanich the latest casualty of lack of appropriate police funding

Hydro complaints off the mark

Spouting off without all the facts is a dangerous precedent

CRD working on the wrong sewage plan

RITE supporter throws her vote in for alternative treatment plan

Fallen Victoria senior grateful for care

Good Samaritans help woman on a dark and cold evening

Green MLA fails to represent electorate

NDP supporter objects to Andrew Weaver voting to approve Liberal budget

Adding liquor outlets adds risks

Obligation to society should mean more than profits

Getting sick and tired of being nickel-and-dimed

Fee increases across the board make it tough to keep up

Internet censorship potential a threat

Trans-Pacific Partnership would limit accessibility: reader

Power conserver frustrated with Hydro hikes

Rate hikes for electricity will outpace wage hikes

Another vote against Oak Bay deer cull

Culling deer is not humane, no matter how it's done

Ferries subsidy shakeup needed

Inland ferries should perhaps help subsidize coastal runs

Cedar Hill Park users deserve more

Saanich resident looking for biggest bang for municipal tax buck

Labour-saving machines bound to create noise

Reader would rather take advantage of technology and suffer through volume

Replace B.C. utilities watchdog

B.C. Utilities Commission becoming a lapdog for B.C. government

Broaden the benefit for Saanich park users

Play park for young children would benefit more in community around Cedar Hill Park

Change in ferry revenue is just a smokescreen

Losing B.C. government subsidies will leave Ferries with less savings than first appears

CRD using tax dollars as toilet paper

Extreme tax hit coming if sewage treatment project goes over budget

Sewage decision haste makes waste for project

Moving too quickly on treatment plant project has limited valuable input

Flu vaccine access a luxury for some

Greater Victoria residents have luxury of choice, unlike many in disease-stricken regions