Our View: Celebrating labour’s contribution to B.C.

There is a history to this long weekend that has been lost for many people in this generation.

The first weekend of September is more than just the last chance to enjoy a little free time in the summer. And there’s definitely more to Labour Day than a final chance to hit the mall for another back to school sale.

Our View: Tax policy rejection portends election

Let’s face it, the HST referendum and debate wasn’t really over an unpopular tax.
People didn’t vote to get rid of it because they loved the PST-GST combination, much less preferred the way it was administered.

Our View: Royals connect us to rest of Canada

There is more to the return of the Western Hockey League than Victoria welcoming another sports franchise into the fold.
The Royals have a chance to become a touchstone for citizens of this region, no matter how far they find themselves from Greater Victoria.

Our View: Navy returns to royal roots

As the home of Canada’s Pacific Fleet, we’re happy that we can officially call the Royal Canadian Navy just that.

On Tuesday, the federal government announced it had given up on a decades-old decision and would restore the traditional names of the three distinct elements within the Canadian Forces.

Our View: Facing the music on STIs

There’s a centuries-old saying about good intentions most people should be familiar with. And while the idea of reducing the spread of sexually transmitted infections is noble, there are a few problems with the plan to let people email their lovers to warn them they could have an STI.

Our View: Hold public officials accountable

It would be hard to argue that knowing the name of every person slapped with an administrative penalty for drinking and driving was in the public interest. But what if that person is a senior official responsible for public safety?

Our View: HST referendum a waiting game

With the deadline Friday (Aug. 5) for HST referendum ballots to be received by Elections B.C., anticipation is building for the result.

It’s almost like betting on a horse race then waiting for the race to be run. Except that there will be no big winners and few big losers after the votes are tallied.

Our View: Expenses list good first step

Travelling the province is an integral part of an MLA’s job in B.C. We get that.

But when the travel expenses of a minister who lives in the same town as the legislature are third-highest of any government cabinet member – Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development and Oak Bay-Gordon Head MLA Ida Chong – it causes us to raise our eyebrows.

Our View: Silly season getting closer

Halfway through summer, most of us aren’t thinking too much about the fall and this November’s municipal election.

But if you’re thinking about running as a candidate, the weeks are running out for you to begin planning your campaign.

Our View: Conservatism creep evident

In Greater Victoria, we can take for granted our ability to live in relative safety and security, to move and act freely, as long as we don’t harm others or someone else’s property.

Our view: Our post-Afghan role will change

July 5 isn’t likely to leave a lasting mark on history. However, the end of Canada’s mission in Afghanistan is a historic moment for our nation. The book is closed on our decade-long involvement and it will take at least as much time before we’ll truly understand what our soldiers were able to achieve.

Our View: Fireworks fun without booze

We think the message has been made loud and clear: If you want to take in the annual display of Canada Day fireworks in Victoria’s Inner Harbour you better plan on being sober.

Moving forward isn’t impossible

As we stand and look forward to what 2012 will bring, the word uncertainty comes to mind