EDITORIAL: No advantage to longer terms

Province's decision to extend time between civic elections made by politicians for politicians

EDITORIAL: From B.C. Games to Olympic dreams

Young B.C. athletes will be inspired this weekend by their Canadian Olympic counterparts

Saanich rifle range to be used for night firing exercise Saturday

Department of National Defence and Royal Canadian Navy will conduct a night firing exercise Feb. 22 at Heal’s Rifle Range

EDITORIAL: Future cloudy for local military

Lack of certainty in federal budget may leave armed forces in limbo in Greater Victoria

EDITORIAL: Parking habits hard to break

Victoria's on-street parking will soon become a convenience for which drivers pay extra

EDITORIAL: Games glitz offers a thin cover

Russia’s human rights record casts shadow over Olympics

EDITORIAL: New liquor rules will add responsibility

The province must craft rules carefully to prevent underage drinking and other abuses of system

EDITORIAL: Start listening to the courts

Told twice their legislation relating to teacher contracts is unconstitutional, it's time for the province to heed the legal system

EDITORIAL: Poverty reduction not political fodder

Provincial, federal opposition members must work harder to make change

EDITORIAL: The good fight for education

John Young's methods were seldom mainstream, but he always kept students' best interests at heart

EDITORIAL: Canada Post in deep trouble

Negotiations over mailbox placement sure to take long time

EDITORIAL: Child porn case ignores bullying

Trying teenager under child pornography laws not the right strategy

EDITORIAL: Photo ops are not democracy

Prime Minister Harper, feds practising China-style control over messaging

EDITORIAL: Dialogue needed in nurse wars

Better communication of the 'why' of nursing switch needed from Island Health

EDITORIAL: High marks for grad strategy

Plan to keep students on track is showing positive results

EDITORIAL: Charities need to follow tech wave

Keeping up with changes in technology determines charities' ability to connect with potential donors

EDITORIAL: Ottawa trashes ESL, defies logic

Removing funding for new immigrants to learn English a short-sighted decision

EDITORIAL: Impaired drivers still the target

Shifting of funding from Christmas to summer a proper use of resources

EDITORIAL: The new realities of mental health

Assault in waiting room of emergency mental health centre was a good wake-up call

EDITORIAL: Time for mayors to chat on 911

Saanich and Victoria mayors need to talking conflicting plans for dispatch centre

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