EDITORIAL: Festival furor part of the deal

Though some are opposed to noisy Rifflandia, it deserves to stay in Victoria

EDITORIAL: Government can’t walk and chew gum

Absence of sitting MLAs is becoming too common a scenario in Victoria

EDITORIAL: Code of conduct already in place

Creating policy for bad behaviour sets a dangerous precedent

EDITORIAL: Kudos to city’s cruise industry

Marking of "five-millionth" cruise passenger more than simply symbolic

EDITORIAL: Another year, another dispute

The start of the school year is becoming synonymous with labour disputes in B.C.

EDITORIAL: Watershed time for B.C. Greens

The time is now for B.C. Green party to gain ground

EDITORIAL: Smartphone addiction can be costly

We need to ensure we're controlling our devices, not the other way around

EDITORIAL: Lessons of a lagging economy

This month students from across the province and the country, and an increasing number from out of country, will flood into Greater Victoria

EDITORIAL: Speed limits need a rethink

The debate around the current 50 km/h default speed limit in British Columbia will be front and centre at next month’s UBCM

EDITORIAL: Tories fumble senate reform

Among the many platform promises from federal Conservatives was implementing senate reform

EDITORIAL: Renewed spirit to Victoria’s tourism

Festivals of all kinds bringing visitors to the region

EDITORIAL: VIHA made right choice for CEO

Installing medical doctor with administrative background best of both worlds

EDITORIAL: Small steps to labour peace

When the Liberal government and the B.C. Teachers’ Federation signed a short collective agreement in the summer of 2012

EDITORIAL: Communication key in hot rod tiff

Assumptions made by both sides in Royal Oak mall parking dispute

EDITORIAL: Tread carefully with ship contract

Decision on best value vs. local jobs lies with province

EDITORIAL: NDP panel will find that fear works

Analysis of election strategy, party philosophy will lead to unpalatable truth

EDITORIAL: VIHA cost-cutting wounds seniors

Vancouver Island Health Authority puts financial health before that of patients in clinic decision

EDITORIAL: Marijuana vote not a sure thing

B.C. is famed around the world for the quality of its marijuana, and people here buy, sell, grow and consume it

EDITORIAL: Korean War vets earned respect

Designation of special day for Korean War veterans honours remaining soldiers and their families

EDITORIAL: Season of fires and water safety is upon us

Be careful when using campfires and area watering holes