EDITORIAL: Domestic terrorism a reality for Canada

Suspect's link to Victoria hits home for local residents

EDITORIAL: New era possible for deadly road

New divider barriers on Malahat are not the only solution

EDITORIAL: Venting session comes too late

Esquimalt's public hearing for the rezoning of McLoughlin Point for a sewage plant needed to happen before the CRD chose it

EDITORIAL: Feds abandon science education

Centre of the Universe closure could thwart many young people's dreams

EDITORIAL: Put the brakes on heritage loss

We all need to take action to access family stories and other aspects of our community history

EDITORIAL: Spread the costs of festival funding

More municipalities need to help pay for events in Victoria's core attended by region's residents

EDITORIAL: Media photo-op just not enough

Drug bust show-and-tell loses impact with potentially dangerous suspects back on the street

EDITORIAL: Let’s all toast dad’s health

Prostate cancer awareness is a powerful force for change in community

EDITORIAL: Derelict boats a regional issue

Problems caused by abandoned or liveaboard boats could be solved by clarifying jurisdictional responsibilities

Editorial: Greater Victoria – boring but busy

The tongue-in-cheek Boring Awards declared Victoria the fourth most boring city in Canada.

EDITORIAL: Needs budget seems needless

Greater Victoria School District trustees could use their time more wisely

EDITORIAL: Elect Canada’s Senate or abolish it

More fair provincial representation in Senate needed to make body relevant to Canada

Editorial: Entering the era of efficient homes

Victoria has come a long way from the days of big drafty homes with thin single-pane windows

Green Party leader Jane Sterk raises hands with the triumphant Andrew Weaver after Tuesday's BC Election.

Jane Sterk will remain leader of Green Party of BC

Sterk lost to NDP incumbent Carole James in the riding of Victoria-Beacon Hill, in the 2013 BC Election.

Green Party leader Jane Sterk raises hands with the triumphant Andrew Weaver after Tuesday's BC Election.

EDITORIAL: Green mouse may yet roar

Newly elected Green MLA Andrew Weaver may set the tone for party in coming term

EDITORIAL: Don’t pass the sewage buck

Greater Victoria's sewage answers must make the best of a bad situation

EDITORIAL: Support your local politician (at least one of them)

Determining the importance of upcoming B.C. election is a personal decision

EDITORIAL: Tanker paranoia doesn’t help us in Greater Victoria

Insurance against risk is fine, but let's not prevent province from seizing opportunities

EDITORIAL: Don’t put stock in TV debate

B.C.'s political leaders offered little new information

EDITORIAL: Victoria’s tourism industry at a crossroads

Relative upswing in tourism, resignation of Tourism Victoria CEO, means organization must be even more selective about replacement boss

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