Editorial: Platforms ignore low-cost child care

This week the B.C. Liberals and the NDP laid out their platforms on how they would help support the youngest minds in the province.

EDITORIAL: Time for a vote on pursuing Greater Victoria amalgamation

Region's residents deserve a chance to tell politicians how they feel about studying issue

EDITORIAL: Housing issue election fodder

The status of Greater Victoria's homeless population may emerge as a key election issue in the region

EDITORIAL: With bridge work comes gridlock

Craigflower Bridge reconstruction offers opportunity to look at other transportation options

EDITORIAL: New grey wave hitting British Columbia

Aging developmentally disabled adults in Greater Victoria and around B.C. means more need for services

EDITORIAL: Amalgamation in Victoria could work, but at what cost?

Some examples show how amalgamation can work in Greater Victoria, others illustrate the difficulties

EDITORIAL: Electric express grows in region

Forget the Hydrogen Highway, electric is the new trend is clean motoring

EDITORIAL: Stop crapping on Esquimalt

Small municipality getting short end of sewage treatment stick

EDITORIAL: Breaking up is hard to do

The new Family Law Act likely won't prevent couples from using courts to obtain "fair" split of property

EDITORIAL: Ready to rock region’s house

Ice sports abound as Greater Victoria readies itself for spring

EDITORIAL: Eroding pillars of the church

Anglicans may alienate traditional church community by avoiding marriage altogether

EDITORIAL: No guarantees of lower bills under PST

While restaurants expect diners to pay less, the real effect of return to PST are anyone's guess

EDITORIAL: Study is critical for aging society

Victoria's Gorge Road Hospital part of national study on aging

EDITORIAL: Land settlement a solid next step

Agreeing to give valuable properties to First Nations will help create self-sufficiency

EDITORIAL: More bureaucracy is not the answer

Province's community safety bill seems more like window dressing

EDITORIAL: Celebrating our history

Many good examples of heritage in the Capital Region, and passionate people who preserve it

EDITORIAL: Lesson offered for public bodies

Greater Victoria Harbour authority board controversy shows public organizations must remember who they serve

EDITORIAL: Tourism strategy must be regional

Working together in lean times is the key to riding out tourism storm

EDITORIAL: February the time to see red

Breast cancer campaigners keep up awareness, but other campaigns need help too

EDITORIAL: B.C. Family Day not free for all

Businesses cover the cost of providing another stat holiday