Sheri Kasnik

Sheri Kasnik

WOMEN IN BUSINESS – Island Savings takes a holistic approach to business banking

Island Savings prides itself on being the Island’s most recommended banking experience

Every new business that Sheri Kasnik works with is like a puzzle that she can’t wait to solve.

As a Senior Advisor, Business Banking at Island Savings, Kasnik applies her specialized knowledge in cash management to help property management firms, large corporations, foundations and groups of companies ensure their complex business banking needs are well-managed.

“I’ve been with Island Savings for 16 years and absolutely love what I do,” Kasnik says.

“When you are working with business owners to help make their operations more efficient, protected and profitable there are so many moving pieces to consider and different paths you can take. It makes every relationship unique and it’s satisfying when you arrive at a perfect solution together.”

Together is the operative word for Kasnik. Island Savings prides itself on being the Island’s most recommended banking experience and relies on referrals from members, other businesses and local community partners.

A referral, however, is just the beginning.

“Helping a business member with his or her banking, insurance and investment needs means taking the time to understand his or her goals,” Kasnik said. “From the research required to prepare a proposal, to delivering the proposal, to all of the conversations required to come to the right strategy for a business… it’s a lot of work, but it is so gratifying.”

Throughout her career Kasnik has worked with local, multi-location businesses to not only help with their banking, but also to ensure they have everything in place to support their networks of employees, customers and members. She partners with her colleagues – specialists in the areas of investments, retirement planning and commercial insurance – to provide a “full picture” line of services to her members.

Working together also means looking outside of Island Savings’ walls and connecting with other financial institutions to share best practices.

“I recently met with a group of women who specialize in cash management, as I do, from three other credit unions,” Kasnik added. “Although we are all advising members in the same market areas, it’s important to educate myself and learn from my peers; in turn, I share my professional perspectives with them.

“That’s how referrals happen and strong business relationships are formed; there’s no point in being an expert if you can’t share your knowledge!”