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Catching up with local pups: Victoria dog streeter

Meet some of your neighbourhood furry friends
Maggie. (Sam Duerksen/Black Press Media)

Name: Callie, age two

Owner: Charlie

How would you describe her personality?: Bubbly, friendly, loving and upbeat.

Favourite place to go for walks: Dallas Road.

Best memory together: This 12-week road trip I’m doing now. I’ve driven from New York to here twice. I’m from New York, we’ve done 12,000 miles and we’ve got four or five to go. She’s great, she sleeps in the back seat. I’ve been here about 10 times. I think it’s just the most peaceful place around.

Callie. (Sam Duerksen/Black Press Media)

Name: Maggie, age five

Owner: Jamie

Favourite place to go for walks: Dallas Road. We love the off-leash dog park and she loves to chase the ball.

Personality: She is very ball-focused. She loves her family and she’s not too interested in anyone else or any other dogs for that matter.

Best memory together: She’s such a good boat dog. We take her boating and she’s excellent on it, she has a lot of fun with us and she’s up for anything.

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Name: Lucky, age two

Owner: Yeng

Favourite place to go for walks: Beacon Hill, definitely. It’s big and he can run as fast as he can.

Personality: He’s kind of needy but he’s a very important family member.

Why did you decide to get a dog?: When we’re out and not home, my grandma or my mother needs somebody to support them, give them emotional support. That’s really important for us.

Lucky. (Sam Duerksen/Black Press Media)

Name: Brock, age three

Owner: James

Personality: He’s super friendly. He thinks everyone should love him because he’s just a big teddy bear. He’s an English Mastiff. He’s 150 pounds, but they’re submissive and they just love people and all animals. I bought him a kitten to keep him company when he was eight months old and now they’re best friends. They actually go out to pee together. The kitten doesn’t use a kitty box, she thinks she’s a dog.

Why did you decide to get a dog?: I was single and wanted a companion and didn’t have a dog since I was a kid. I picked an English Mastiff because I know they’re so gentle and they’re low energy.

Brock. (Sam Duerksen/Black Press Media)

Name: Callie

Owner: Erin. It’s my mom’s dog. I’m just dog-sitting her for a few days.

Personality: She is the most relaxed, chill lab we’ve ever had. She doesn’t really like swimming, she doesn’t really love socializing with other dogs but she’s really sweet and calm and loves just napping all day.

Favourite place to go for walks: My mom takes her to Dallas Road every day. She also likes Beacon Hill Park, all the smells and flowers.

Fond memories: My mom watches a lot of sports and Callie likes to chill and keep her company.

Callie. (Sam Duerksen/Black Press Media)

Name: Chelsea, age six

Owners: John and Sylvia

Personality: Very friendly but cautious. Easygoing and laid back, but once in a while bossy if she wants her treats.

Favourite places to go for walks: We love Mount Doug, anywhere she can be off leash because she’s fortunately very respectful and we’ve trained her. Dallas Road, Beaver Lake, Elk Lake, Metchosin, we go all over the place.

Memories that stand out: Every day is a good memory. We had another springer, a big male and we got her when he was five and the two of them playing and cuddling together was just the greatest.

Chelsea. (Sam Duerksen/Black Press Media)

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