City’s BizHub drives business success

Quinn Anglin works to de-mystify the process of entering the business world in Victoria.

Quinn Anglin works to de-mystify the process of entering the business world in Victoria.

Quinn Anglin is the Business Ambassador for the City of Victoria and, at 39, the mother of three and former business owner brings a wealth of experience to the city’s Business Hub.

“I think it helps when I sit across the table from someone that I can talk about what resources were available when I ran my own business,” Anglin says.

“It’s true that sometimes business owners and entrepreneurs can assume that anyone working within a bureaucracy isn’t going to have that understanding of what they are facing.”

Anglin assumed the role as Ambassador about 18 months ago after working for several years within Victoria’s Planning Department. Prior to that she was a business owner and had also worked in the public relations field.

The Business Hub Anglin oversees is designed to streamline and de-mystify the business development processes at city hall and to make it easier to do business in Victoria.

“It can be very daunting to walk into city hall, knowing that there are various things that have to happen in order to establish a business, but not really knowing where to start. My job is to figuratively take these potential entrepreneurs by the hand and lead them through the steps to getting established.”

Anglin advocates for those trying to establish a business in Victoria by bringing their concerns to city hall; working to strip away needless red tape and inform those in positions of power about what they can do to be more inviting to economic development in the community.

“As a woman, I’m also very happy to report that at least half of the young business people we see are female,” she says.

“It’s a great time in Victoria to start a business and to be successful in pursuing a dream. If I can help make those dreams a reality, then I really can’t ask for more.

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