Festival brings African culture to Victoria

Africa Fest hosted through out the Capital Region from May 20-24

African and Caribbean culture will be in the spotlight during Africa Fest.

The five-day festival kicks off May 20 with an African Food Fiesta at Vic West Community Centre and wraps up May 23 and 24 with cultural fair at Victoria Centennial Square.

The week-long festival will buzz with music, dance, exquisite and exotic food, education and fashion.

“All communities in Victoria can come to enjoy the beautiful cultural mosaic we enjoy in one of Canada’s most stunning cities. This festival is a unique opportunity for the City of Victoria to bring together different cultures and showcase our African and Caribbean heritage”, said Pulchérie Mboussi, festival organizer.

Africa Fest is sponsored by Victoria African and Caribbean Society in collaboration with the Vancouver Island African and Caribbean community.

For further information go online to vaccsociety,com.