Rebecca Wright is alive today because of Dr. Jones and an ultrasound. (Submitted)

Rebecca Wright is alive today because of Dr. Jones and an ultrasound. (Submitted)

Final push to fund new ultrasounds at Victoria hospitals

Victoria Hospitals Foundation’s Beneath the Surface campaign nears goal of $500,000

The Victoria Hospitals Foundation is in the final stretch of its campaign to fund seven new ultrasounds for Royal Jubilee and Victoria General hospitals.

Just $30,000 shy of its $500,000 goal, the Beneath the Surface campaign shines a light on the importance of the more than 100 ultrasound procedures performed daily at Royal Jubilee and Victoria General hospitals.

Ultrasound testing is relatively simple, non-invasive and radiation-free. As a result, it’s one of the most commonly used forms of medical imaging in hospitals. The images captured provide physicians with a wealth of information, including the structure and composition of internal organs, tissues and vessels.

Victoria resident Rebecca Wright knows just how important these tools are.

Having always lived an adventurous and active lifestyle, Wright became concerned when she felt chest pain and shortness of breath while walking up a flight of stairs during a vacation this summer in Nelson, B.C. She went to a clinic to get it checked out.

Due to her previous clean bill of health, Wright was told at the clinic that she might have an iron deficiency and was sent for blood work. Throughout the following day, the pain and shortness of breath worsened, and she made arrangements for a friend to drive her to the hospital the next morning. By the next day, Wright’s condition became critical and her boyfriend called 911. Two ambulances arrived at her house within minutes and took her to the Emergency Department at Victoria General Hospital where she was treated by Dr. Gavin Jones.

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When Rebecca arrived at the Emergency Department, she could no longer control her breathing and soon after, her heart stopped.

“The Emergency team performed CPR on me for 38 minutes and Dr. Jones was able to quickly diagnose the pulmonary embolism using an ultrasound, saving my life,” says Rebecca. “The only reason I am alive is because I was in the Emergency Department, with access to Dr. Jones and an ultrasound, when my heart stopped. I am so thankful for the Emergency team for going above and beyond to save my life.”

Dr. Jones uses ultrasound technology every day on a variety of patients, all with different types of conditions.

“Ultrasounds are quickly becoming integral to all areas of medicine and are specifically important when treating acute conditions,” says Dr. Jones.

In Rebecca’s case, it was the collaborative effort of Dr. Jones and his team using ultrasound technology that saved her life.

Royal Jubilee and Victoria General hospitals operate the busiest Emergency Departments on Vancouver Island and are there during times of critical need.

Contributions to the Beneath the Surface campaign can be made by donating online at, calling 250-519-1750 or mailing a donation to Victoria Hospitals Foundation, Wilson Block, 1952 Bay Street, Victoria BC, V8R 1J8.

“Our community’s response to the campaign has been wonderful. Our donors are generous and with their help we are able to support our medical teams with the ultrasound machines they need. The importance of these tools in the broad spectrum of medicine our hospitals provide makes their purchase a priority,” says Melanie Mahlman, president and CEO, Victoria Hospitals Foundation.

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