Float home owners showcase life on water

World of floating homes revealed in Mother’s Day event

Visitors will soon be able to walk into the unique world of the floating home at Fisherman’s Wharf during a special Mother’s Day event.

Locals and tourists are encouraged to bring their mothers and grandmothers for tours of about a dozen float homes for a suggested $5 donation. There will be buskers and carnation flowers and cookies will be handed out.

Homeowners taking part in the open house on May 8 say the event is a chance for curious visitors to learn more about the close-knit community and unique lifestyle.

“We try to be friendly because it really is like living in an amusement park in the summer time,” said Kim Young, float home owner and vice-president of the Fisherman’s Wharf Community Association.

“We want to raise our profile,” said Young. “It’s a real community down here.”

Owners are regularly peppered with questions on how their houses float, to how they connect to sewage systems and whether they can have satellite cable.

“Everyone wants to see inside,” said Janice Mayfield, who will be showcasing her home. “It’s our way of going, ‘Welcome to our lives.’”

The tours happen May 8 from noon to 2 p.m. Event proceeds will go to the Sandy Merriman House women’s emergency shelter.