Birthday cake with candles. (Pixabay photo)

Birthday cake with candles. (Pixabay photo)

From the Queen to local MLAs, here’s how to get your birthday greetings

Her majesty only celebrates centenarians and older

Celebrating a milestone seems to be a more public affair since the COVID-19 pandemic, but some have always been a big enough deal to draw attention from provincial to world leaders – by request.

Her Majesty The Queen sends birthday greetings to any Canadian 100 and older and to couples celebrating an anniversary of 60 years or more. She’ll offer a shout out again for a 65th anniversary and then every year after that. Those who hit 100 also need to hang around for another five, as the Queen offers another message at 105 and every year after.

If the big day has passed, a message can be backdated up to six months. Find the forms at

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The Queen’s federal representative, the Governor General of Canada, is a little more lenient, offering birthday greetings to those aged 90 and older and couples celebrating 50 years or more. That office is also willing to backdate greetings up to a year.

The role is currently vacant and the current state of the role, however, has things a little backed up.

Make requests here:

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is even kinder, or perhaps his staff have more time on their hands. Those turning 75 and older or celebrating 25 years as a couple (married or otherwise) can seek a celebratory certificate – and again every five years afterward.

Make requests at

Looking for some love from B.C. Premier John Horgan? He too will help you celebrate 75th birthdays and 25th anniversaries, and offers up congrats each year after. The same rules apply for the leader of the official opposition and local MLAs. Find out how at

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