Cassie Kangas and daughter prepare for the big day. (Morgan Cross photo)

Cassie Kangas and daughter prepare for the big day. (Morgan Cross photo)

Restorative Justice Program seeks donations for garagellenium

Oak Bay’s annual community garage sale set for June 10

Garagellenium is back for its 18th year. Oak Bay residents are encouraged to sign up for the event, open up their driveways and put out their less-loved items on June 10. Residents can make their own profit from sales or donate to a charity of choice.

“It’s a nice way for people to give to charity and it might also be a good way for some local charities to have their event at people’s houses in Oak Bay,” said organizer Cassie Kangas. Even those without much to sell can pair with friends and family to hold a larger sale in one location.

This year, Restorative Justice Victoria, which serves the entire region, holds a fundraising sale and encourages donations beforehand. The sale is in the Oak Bay Police Department parking lot, 1703 Monterey Ave. Restorative Justice Victoria staff and volunteers will be on hand selling and all proceeds will go to the registered charity. Those with item donations can contact 250-383-5801 or to organize drop-off.

Kangas says that Garagellenium is an opportunity to be environmentally friendly about disposal.

Instead of sending your stuff to the dump or the landfill, your stuff will have a nice new home with somebody else. Someone’s trash is always another’s treasure,” she said “[Garagellenium] is great way to meet new people in your community, lots of neighbours get together and will do a sale on their block. Houses have had snacks out, breakfast. It’s a really festive morning out there.”

The event has been so popular in the past that streets have become gridlocked.

She encourages all to have a backup plan due to this spring’s unpredictable weather.

“Have a tent or sell in your garage. We’ve never been rained out yet, but fingers crossed that we’re going to have a good sunny day.”

Those holding a garage sale should be prepared with adequate change and items priced beforehand.

The Garagellenium registration system recently experienced a glitch and all those who registered before May 9 and did not receive a confirmation must register again at Those planning to register can do so at the same link.

A list of Garagellenium participants will run in Oak Bay News on Friday, June 9.