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Saanich Peninsula hospital foundation launches fundraising campaign for new X-ray machine

Current machine long overdue for a replacement
The X-ray room at Saanich Peninsula Hospital is in need of upgrades and the Saanich Peninsula Hospital and Healthcare Foundation has launched a campaign to address the need. (Photo courtesy of Saanich Peninsula Hospital and Healthcare Foundation)

The Saanich Peninsula Hospital and Healthcare Foundation launched a new fundraising campaign to raise $2 million for a new Siemens X-ray machine, and other smaller pieces of equipment.

The X-ray machine currently used at the Saanich Peninsula Hospital has been in continuous use for the past 16 years and is past the end of its expected life, a release said.

A new X-ray machine will be faster, lessening radiation, and allowing medical imaging to work more closely with surgical services.

The new machine will be all digital with higher resolution images, faster, and create more accessibility to all patients, said the organization.

The importance of the new X-ray is described in an explainer video that shares the many reasons why the Saanich Peninsula Hospital needs this new equipment. The video can be watched at

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