Reynolds secondary student

Reynolds secondary student

Victoria high schooler fired up about marine sciences

Reynolds secondary student wants to inform public of human impact on marine environment

Faelan Prentice wants to use his enthusiasm and love of the marine sciences to raise awareness about the importance of marine environments at home and around the globe.

The 16-year-old Reynolds secondary student joined youth from around B.C. at a forum over spring break at the Bamfield Marine Science Centre. After taking part in field trips, labs and discussions on human impact to marine life, Prentice is inspired to speak out on the issues.

“I’ve been passionate (about marine life) since I was nine years old,” he says. “I’ve really been ignited about it, human impact and how crucial it is to our world.”

Prentice is in the process of writing to magazines and newspapers about his experiences at Bamfield and his recent visit to the Galapagos Islands, hoping to lend his voice to causes supporting the oceans.

He believes young people can have a positive effect on people’s viewpoints on such issues.

“If people see that youth are ready to be engaged about topics like this, people can take it seriously and maybe learn from the things I am seeing.”

Prentice hopes to have a career in marine sciences in the future and is tailoring his high school studies around biology and chemistry. He has also applied to Pearson College near Metchosin to expand his education in that field.