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Victoria's top garbage collectors crowned

Victoria Garbage Showdown sees lunchtime pickup blitz by businesses
Participants in the Victoria Garbage Showdown enjoy a moment of recognition after an intense hour collecting trash in the vicinity of their respective businesses.

The task was less than sexy, but participating businesses attacked it with gusto.

On April 20, in honour of Earth Day, teams picked up garbage in a friendly competition for the Golden Garbage Award.

In total, eleven businesses collected 33,315 pieces of garbage in one hour during the inaugural Victoria Garbage Showdown.

Participating teams all brought flair to the event, many in costume, but it was Eagle Wing Tours that came out on top.

The company’s employees collected 9,402 pieces of garbage in the vicinity of their business.

They covered the waterfront between Ogden Point and scenic Clover Point, collecting everything from condoms to cigarette butts to plastic wrappers, plus a large, floating tire and some balloons.

The win came thanks to “an incredible group of friends and family, and the drive and passion to help keep things clean in Victoria,” according to its website.