Knotty by Nature co-owner Ryan Davis

Knotty by Nature co-owner Ryan Davis

Weaving together Good Fibrations

Annual crafting festival set for St. Ann's Academy on Aug. 17

Sitting in his store, surrounded by woolen scarves and sweaters — his handiwork — Ryan Davis recalls getting his start as a weaver.

Working as a bike courier at the time, Davis would spin at a makeshift wheel in the back of his car while waiting for calls.

“My wife introduced me to it, and it just kind of stuck,” Davis explains. “It was very meditative at the time, it still is. Its just satisfying creating something unique.”

Davis, along with his wife Stephanie Papik, now runs Knotty by Nature, a fibre and craft store in Fairfield. Along with the business, the team also runs Good Fibrations, Victoria’s annual crafting festival.

Now in its fourth year, Good Fibrations has grown to a gathering of 60 vendors, along with five demonstrations by expert crafters. Davis and Papik will be holding their own demonstration on nuno felting, a technique that involves binding loose fibres to fabric. Other demonstrations include back strap weaving, silk fusion and weaving with dog and cat hair.

Davis hopes to foster the next generation of weavers with a new addition this year — a “kids’ tent” hosted by Crafty Victoria.

Good Fibrations takes place in the orchard of St. Ann’s, on Aug. 17, from 10 a.m to 4 p.m.