Samantha Wilson, the Wilson’s Group of Companies. Photo courtesy Camosun College AV Services

Samantha Wilson, the Wilson’s Group of Companies. Photo courtesy Camosun College AV Services

Women in Business Rising Star: Samantha Wilson

Building a career in the community

“I like to say I’ve been involved since the day I was born,” Samantha Wilson says with a laugh of her involvement with the family business, the Wilson’s Group of Companies.

Wilson’s career with the local transportation company started when she was 15 years old, when she worked part time during the summer.

Four years ago, following post-secondary studies in business and psychology, Samantha joined Wilson’s full-time, and today is thrilled to bring her skills and passions together as she moves from Sales and Community Relations to Brand Manager, reflecting the company’s continued growth.

“I saw it as an way to blend my two passions,” says Wilson, 27. “Growing up, I saw all the good my father was doing – getting involved in community organizations and serving on boards – and this is an opportunity to make a difference as a part of the family business.”

Most recently, Samantha and dad John Wilson have co-chaired Camosun College’s Together for Health campaign, raising funds for the new Alex & Jo Campbell Centre for Health and Wellness. Designed for 21st century health education, the centre will educate the next generation of nurses, community support workers, lab technologists, medical radiography technicians, mental health workers and other professionals for Victoria’s health care and social services systems.

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“Our family is very close and the campaign is a wonderful opportunity to work on a project together with my father. It’s been a learning experience as well, and the team at Camosun have been really helpful,” Wilson says.

Giving back is at the heart of the Wilson family and corporate culture.

“My father has always instilled that in me. Philanthropy is just something as a company and a family that we have always wanted to be involved with,” Wilson says. “You can’t make it through life without help from others and I’m just so happy to do my part.”