Local realtors star in reality TV shows

Programs showcase some of the more entertaining aspects of the realty game in a hot housing market

Frank Burke will be featured on the upcoming reality TV show

Frank Burke will be featured on the upcoming reality TV show

Tim Collins

Victoria News


It’s a sign of the times when real estate dealings become the stuff of reality television.

The hot housing market in Victoria has generated frustration for some new home buyers as prices continue to rise at an unprecedented rate and the inventory of homes for sale shrinks. Dream homes can be pricey and pitfalls and problems abound, according to local realtor Frank Berke.

For sellers, life can be just as daunting as they try to select the best realtor to help sell their home.

In response to this real estate climate, Visland Media and Victoria’s Cedarwood Productions have teamed up to present two reality TV programs to showcase some of the more entertaining aspects of the realty game.

The first of the programs, entitled Seller’s Market, features area realtors Adrian Langerais, Jane Johnston, Manpreet Kandola, and Tara Hearn competing against one another to win a new listing in each of the 13 episodes shot in Victoria. It’s the second season for the show with the first season having been shot entirely in Kelowna.

“There’s over 1,400 real estate agents working in Victoria so of course we’re always competing with one another for listings,” said Hearn. “The thing is, we generally have the chance to cultivate relationships and establish trust with a potential seller over a period of time. That’s what makes this show different. We have five minutes to convince the sellers to go with us and not the other realtors. Should be fun.”

Hearn said she may have a few tricks up her sleeve to secure those listings, but laughed at the suggestion that she share her secrets prior to the first taping of the program.

“I’ll be keeping those ideas to myself for the time being,” she said.

The second of the two Visland Media productions, Realty Reality, returns for season three on CHEK TV to showcase the trials and tribulations of home buyers in the Victoria market. Local realtors Alex Burns, Blake and Danielle Moreau, Brad Neufeld, and Berke will be helping the prospective buyers search for the perfect home.

“We were contacted and had to go through a couple of interviews with the producers before we were chosen to be on the show,” said Burke. “I’m not really nervous about being on camera or anything, but I know the minute you think you know what to expect, that’s when something unexpected happens.”

Berke said the biggest challenge for buyers is the lack of available inventory in the marketplace, a situation that has sometimes led to bidding wars or buyers who are willing to forgo due diligence like home inspections to get an advantage in bidding for the home they want.

He said his job remains the same regardless of the cameras filming his every move.

“Maybe I’ll put a bigger smile on my face while the camera is on,” he said.

Executive producer, TJ Lynch, said he’s very excited to see what he can capture on camera for the two shows, adding the show is still looking for a few more properties to feature on Seller’s Market and a few more buyers for Realty Reality. Anyone interested in participating and getting their chance to be a reality TV star can get in touch with Visland Media through their website at VislandMedia.com/realestatetv.