Singing a song for Japan

A song recorded by Leon Nagasaki

A song recorded by Leon Nagasaki

Soul-jazz trio members put feelings about  earthquake victims into a new composition

Victoria’s Skyla J and the Vibes have teamed with local  producer Joby Baker on a heartfelt song written to aid with disaster relief in Japan.

“Know That You’re Needed” is being distributed free at, but the band encourages fans to donate to the Canadian Red Cross’ Japan Earthquake/Asia-Pacific Tsunami fund at

The song’s co-writer Leon Nagasaki, who is of Japanese descent, said the idea behind providing it for free was to allow groups raising money for earthquake relief to use it in their promotional material.

“When we saw all the devastation and suffering from the quake, we imagined how hopeless the people must have felt,” said Skyla J. “We wanted to send them a message they are not alone.”