Victoria author launches book on life’s travels

Tasha Waite embarked on two hitchhiking adventures across Canada and Mexico

Between 19 and 21, Tasha Waite embarked on two hitchhiking adventures across Canada and Mexico, and now she has written a book about her experiences.

Waite, now 32, hitchhiked from her hometown Winnipeg to B.C. then back across the country to Ontario because she didn’t want to go to university or work in Winnipeg.

“I basically was a free spirit who didn’t want to conform,” said Waite, now a Victoria resident. “It was my hippy phase.”

Waite’s book, Wild Blues: Lessons from the road, is an account of the many situations she got into and the escapades she went on. Each adventure taught Waite a lesson in one way or another, which she describes in her book. Each of the book’s 18 chapters end with at least one lesson learned.

“It increased by awareness and my ability to interact with people from all different backgrounds,” said Waite. “It definitely gave me a lot more insights into human nature.”

Since she did not keep journals throughout her travels, all of the stories are from memory.

“[Writing] was a very cathartic experience. I almost felt like I was reliving it in a sense,” said Waite.

On Sept. 30, there will be a book launch for Wild Blues at Lacey-Lou’s Tapas Lounge at 1320 Broad St. Entry is free, and Waite will be reading excerpts from her book. Books will also be available for sale and to be signed by Waite.