LETTER: Bullcroak on bullfrog claims

LETTER: Bullcroak on bullfrog claims

I call bullcroak at exaggerated claims about bullfrogs.

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Black Press published a reasonable statement explaining that frogs don’t spend their life in the water so aren’t in reach of bullfrogs all the time, tadpole growth is at a different time from other frogs, and bullfrogs do not behave as alarmists claim – but eco do-gooders fail reading comprehension.

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By the way, aren’t they edible? Harvesting them would reduce population. Perhaps anti-bullfrog hobbyists could point great blue herons and river otters to them.

Why the misleadingly named American bullfrog name? Traditionally in Canada and the U.S. they are just called bullfrog, native to parts of the U.S. and Canada.

Keith Sketchley