LETTER: No excuse for tossed cigarette butts

LETTER: No excuse for tossed cigarette butts

People who throw cigarette butts out of vehicle windows are worse than careless.

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They are at best littering. Throwing the butt out the window instead of putting it in an ashtray inside the vehicle is a deliberate act, like throwing candy wrapper or such out – but with the added problem of fire risk.

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People smoking in cars often hold the butt outside a window, so the smoke pollutes nearby drivers.

In my opinion ignorance of fire risk should be disqualifying for holding a driver’s licence, as safety around gasoline containers and plumbing should be known.

You should remember cases of cigarette butts being thrown at flag personnel and into a vehicle as road rage.

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The lack of an ashtray is not an excuse, they can be retrofitted. A butt bucket or a tall glass of water could fit in a cup-holder.

Or, better yet, stop the filthy, expensive habit.

Keith Sketchley