LETTER: Nuclear power is the answer to climate chaos

LETTER: Nuclear power is the answer to climate chaos

David Suzuki is correct to warn us about the need to reduce our emissions of greenhouse gases. Every person on earth should be trying to achieve zero emissions.

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However, some countries have a desperate need for power and have access to coal. They are currently building coal-fired power plants – dozens of them. This will increase climate chaos even if emissions from Canada fall to zero. Violent weather will increase. Droughts will spread. Crops will fail. Forests will burn. Ocean levels will rise. Millions of people will be devastated or killed.

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To stop the use of coal for generating power, we are promoting renewable sources but they will not reduce the use of coal in time to prevent climate chaos. For the next few decades, we need to use nuclear fission power plants.

In Canada, we have all the necessary knowledge and skill to build nuclear power plants including small ones that can easily be transported. The best way we can protect the world is to donate nuclear plants to countries that plan to use coal. That would be the best use of our budget for foreign aid.

We desperately need scientific leaders, like Suzuki, to tell us the whole truth about how climate chaos can be avoided. The actions of individual Canadians are ethically required but will not be sufficient to avoid disaster.

David Stocks