Eugene Pan points out the car-long scratch on his family’s Honda Odyssey. The van was scratched and the tire flattened (by damaged valve) on May 15. Upon getting it repaired, it was damaged again on Aug. 1. Travis Paterson/News Staff

LETTER: Re: Resident block out from Block Watch

Re: Resident Blocked Out From Block Watch, Saanich News, Sept. 13

One can only imagine the horrific strain on the Pan family. On top of being victims of a spate of petty crimes, their neighbourhood Block Watch has ostracized them from membership. Not a desirable scenario.

Supposed the raison d’etre for Block Watch is to prevent community crime and to keep a watchful eye on neighbours and their property.

Hopefully, this is not a neighbourhood vendetta gone rogue nor some vestige of racism rearing its ugly head. Let us hope this volatile situation is resolved amicably and does not escalate to a dangerous degree.

Perhaps the Block Watch program at the west end of Tudor Avenue could be a template for Block Watch chapters. This particular chapter has brought people together. New friendships have formed (especially appreciated by newcomers) and strengthened the neighbourhood in a most positive way. Let’s hope Kent Street Block Watch chapter can evolve positively in the future.

Sylvia Walsh