Meribeth Burton

Meribeth Burton

I LOVE VICTORIA: Meribeth Burton

Corporate spokesperson for B.C. Transit tells us what she loves about Greater Victoria

Twenty years ago I moved to Victoria. I’m from Sudbury, but I was working in Timmins when I got a job offer to be the weekend anchor at CHEK. I worked in TV for 23 years and have been with B.C. Transit for 18 months.

I went to community college in North Bay and Canadore for broadcast journalism, very much a northern girl and my plan was to get back (to Ontario) as soon as possible. I was going to give it two years in Victoria.

It was a slower tempo than I was used to, but slowly, over time the city won me over. Now when I go home to Ontario I bring a B.C. vibe with me. I’ve had opportunities and offers (to move) over the years, but when I look around and see the quality of life here – I was having sushi on the beach one spring day with one of my daughters – I’m never giving that up. No matter what kind of day you have, that can be pretty healing and transformative stuff. The Ontarian in me would never have said that. But it’s just a lifestyle.

I have become a passionate walker, a power walker, and I have a particular hour-and-a- bit stroll through the Uplands. It’s the place I feel happiest and freest.

I dance every day. We try to do a family dance around doing the dishes. I also love my wine bars, I like Stage and Vis a Vis, and Charelli’s Cheese Shop. I try to get a movie in a few times a month.

I have always been a fall person, what I like best about Victoria falls is that it’s always a rather long summer. I’m a passionate but terrible golfer. I get out about 20 times a year and have been taking lessons on and off.

I go to the library every weekend with my daughters, Sher and Kennedy. I live in the Estevan area of Oak Bay and at Christmastime, we do a walking Christmas party. There are many people in the neighbourhood who have kids the same age and they’ve all grown up together.

I’ve had a chance to go to other places in the world, like Europe, but they rarely compare to Victoria. I went there by myself at 28 and spent a couple of months. I remember being in Lucerne, Switzerland and did a river cruise and it was so beautiful. I thought, ‘O.K., this is close, but I can’t wait to get home.’ It just reminded me of what we have here.