A baby dolphin

A baby dolphin

VIDEO: Dolphin ‘superpod’ delights BC Ferries passengers in Strait of Georgia

Beautiful BC: This viral video shows an estimated 1,000 dolphins enjoying the waters in the Strait of Georgia.

Flipper has gone viral.

A “superpod” of an estimated 1,000 dolphin was videotaped on a BC Ferry last Thursday, as the mammals swam and jumped alongside the boat in the Strait of Georgia, wowing the passengers en route between Galiano Island and Tsawwassen, B.C.

The video was uploaded to YouTube by user Rob Maguire, who said the scene happened around 5:45 p.m. Maguire’s video currently has over 61,000 views and was placed atop the Huff Post B.C.‘s homepage on Sunday.

One fellow YouTuber, Diane Williams, posted the following comment below Maguire’s video:

“I was there beside you´╗┐ stunned with my cellphone in my pocket. Absolutely amazing. Moved me to tears. In 35 years of travelling to Mayne Is. I have never seen such a sight before. Thank you SO much for the video !”