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CRD rolls out phase 2 at Hartland Landfill, banning select items

Phase 1 policies came into effect in January 2024
Treated wood and asphalt shingles will be banned from being accepted as general refuse. (Photo Courtesy of CRD)

After completing phase one of the Hartland Landfill policy changes in January, the Capital Regional District’s phase two is about to roll out.

Phase two will ban general refuse from accepting treated wood. Including wood products that are pressure-treated, stained, or painted, such as wooden furniture. Asphalt shingles have also been banned.

“To reduce the region’s waste by more than one-third by 2031, every step forward we take at Hartland contributes to achieving that goal,” said Barbara Desjardins, the CRD’s Environmental Services Committee chair.

The landfill will still accept separated loads of treated wood and asphalt shingles for recycling or energy recovery at a reduced tipping fee of $110/tonne.

In January, Hartland Landfill implemented phase-one policies, which included increasing the tipping fee for general refuse to $150/tonne from $110/tonne, banning clean wood from general refuse and increasing fine rates for various offences.

Hartland Landfill will build a material divison transfer station this spring to process clean/treated wood and asphalt shingles and transfer them offsite for recycling/energy recovery.

A material division transfer station is an industrial facility where municipal solid waste is stored and sorted before heading to a waste energy plant.

“The CRD is gearing up to implement the second round of changes to divert materials from Hartland Landfill in alignment with the CRD’s Solid Waste Management Plan,” Colin Plant, the regional district’s board chair.

Hartland Landfill may implement initiatives such as banning carpet and underlay, accepting salvageable wood for free, and introducing a $300/tonne mixed renovation and demolition rate to reduce waste in the capital region.

To learn more about these changes and how you can reduce the amount of waste sent to the landfill, visit For more about Hartland Landfill, visit

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