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Petition seeks justice for killed Oak Bay cat, wants changes to animal control

Oak Bay council renews 5-year contract with Victoria Animal Control Services
Lili a ten-year-old cat was attacked by two dogs in Oak Bay and died on Jan 29, 2024. Her owners were Monica Pfau and Roger Mangas. (Photo courtesy Facebook/Victor Mangas)

A brutal attack that killed Lili, a 10-year-old cat in Oak Bay, in January has its owners asking to remove Victoria Animal Control Services from the municipality.

“After two months, we received no satisfaction,” said Oak Bay resident Monica Pfau, and Lili’s former owner.

Victoria Animal Control Services took no action, according to Pfau, as they were told that Lili had provoked the dogs. Lili was reportedly attacked by two dogs and dragged off their property on Jan. 29, 2024.

“Animal control services continues to refer to the word provocation. And because of this provocation, they can’t enforce the bylaw,” Pfau said.

Pfau’s son, Victor Mangas, created a petition on March 30 that has received 283 signatures as of Tuesday afternoon (April 9).

In the petition, Mangas says the Victoria Animal Control Services “refused to issue a ticket or require any form of training for the dogs.” It adds there have been “numerous complaints” about the service’s “lack of action in similar situations.”

With that, the petition is calling for the Victoria Animal Control Services responsibilities be transferred to the Capital Regional District, beginning in June.

However, the District of Oak Bay council renewed the five-year Victoria Animal Control Services contract, starting April 8, 2024.

Oak Bay Mayor Kevin Murdoch said there were two different service providers, and Victoria Animal Control Services came out on top.

Murdoch could not comment directly on the incident between Lili the cat and the two large dogs but said he understood the pain of losing a pet.

“We have all lost a pet. It is a heavy process.”

He said it is difficult in a situation like this, as one group would likely think the rules are too harsh and the other too lenient.

Pfau and Mangas want to raise awareness about public safety, as they claim the same dogs that attacked their cats are still roaming the neighbourhood.

“After the death of an animal, there’s nothing cruel about muzzling a dog,” Pfau said.

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