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8 everyday things that now require a high-speed Internet connection

Enjoying a connected home, chatting with friends, watching TV… a lot can change in a decade!
Even when kids are back in the classroom, hybrid learning with online homework is here to stay. TELUS PureFibre keeps the whole family connected.

Technological advancements are kind of like dog years: there’s so much change every 12 months, that a decade often feels more like a century.

“We rely on the Internet for more and more every year,” says Mike Yawney, Canadian tech expert and ‘Gadget Guy’. “I did a quick check in my home and was surprised we had more than 50 Internet connected devices. The more connected devices you have, the more important it is to have a symmetrical, fibre-to-the-premise Internet connection that can handle the constant upload and download of information and keep up with family and household demand.”

There’s only one major provider offering a 100 per cent fibre network in Western Canada, and that’s TELUS. Only TELUS PureFibre provides symmetrical upload and download speeds surpassing 1500 Mbps — that’s upload speeds 15 times faster than other providers.

“Just because an Internet service provider calls their service fibre, doesn’t mean you have a true fibre connection right to your home. It’s important to do your research,” Yawney says. “Whether you realize it or not, you’re using the Internet differently than you did a decade ago, and a 100 per cent fibre network makes a huge difference to your speed, bandwidth and Internet stability.”

From games to TV to work, we rely on the internet a lot more than we used to. TELUS PureFibre offers high speed uploading and downloading to keep you connected to the things, and the people, you love.

Here are eight everyday things that now need a blisteringly-fast Internet connection:

  1. Virtual work and schooling: The pandemic turned education upside down, and even though many students have returned to in-school lessons, hybrid learning is likely here to stay. A true fibre connection ensures you can deliver that big work presentation from your home office while your grade-schooler finishes their online school work in the next room, at the same time.
  2. Phone calls: The rise of video calls for everything from storytime with your grandkids to meetings with your coworkers means your connection is constantly uploading. With the symmetrical upload and download speeds offered by a pure fibre connection, your clear audio and video will make you feel closer to your loved ones, and will prevent the dreaded Zoom freeze.
  3. TV: Are your favourite shows on streaming platforms? Does your family stream more than one show at a time on separate devices? “Popular streaming services first expanded into Canada in 2010, and as picture resolution continues to improve, you’ll need faster upload speeds to get the most out of your streaming experience,” Yawney says.
  4. The thermostat: Smart-home devices make our lives more convenient, from adjusting the temperature before you walk in the door, to dimming the lights with the touch of your smartphone. For a truly connected home that you can manage from anywhere, your products need the backbone of a symmetrical Internet network.
  5. Home security systems: “Home security used to run off your phone line, now it runs off the Internet,” Yawney says. Today’s packages include smart doorbells, virtually controlled locks, motion sensors, flood detection, cameras and more — all of which are connected to Wi-Fi and controlled through a simple app.
  6. Appointments: Remember when the only way to meet with your accountant, doctor, or physiotherapist was in-person? Virtual appointments have become more popular than ever during the pandemic. Whether you’re talking finances or refilling a prescription, a reliable fibre Internet connection will ensure your virtual appointments run without interruption.
  7. Your favourite tunes: In 2010 we were still using iPods and CDs to listen to music. Remember discovering new artists on the radio? Now your tunes are streamed online, and you can listen to your favourites or discover new playlists and radio shows from around the world.
  8. Video games: Downloading has replaced discs, so you’ll need a fast Internet connection to play with friends and get the latest games and patches. “During the pandemic, video games have been one of my favourite ways to socialize with friends and escape the day-to-day,” Yawney says. When you’re competing online, a blistering fast upload speed can help you secure the win!

TELUS PureFibre is offering groundbreaking new speeds for home Internet in Western Canada. The 1.5 Gigabit service is available in connected communities throughout Alberta and BC; to check the availability of PureFibre in your area, visit For more information, follow TELUS on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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