Tanya Sterling of Sterling Financial can help you see financial blindspots and bring clarity to your life plans.

Tanya Sterling of Sterling Financial can help you see financial blindspots and bring clarity to your life plans.

Build a plan for your whole life, not just your finances

This Victoria financial advisor can organize your accounts, but that’s just the beginning

It’s never just about the numbers.

You may reach out to a financial advisor because you’re poring over a loved-one’s accounts, trying to sort through bank statements and tax returns after they’ve passed away. The numbers don’t add up, and you need an expert to tell you what to do.

Tanya Sterling is your expert, and she can help with much more than dollars and cents.

“Managing a loved-one’s estate can be daunting — not only is it a lot of work, but it can also be an emotional burden,” Tanya says. “I’ve helped clients sort through bags of receipts and develop a system for keeping everything organized, and I’ve also helped navigate bigger life decisions.”

That’s where Tanya’s other talents come in. Along with being a Chartered Professional Accountant, Tanya is a Chartered Financial Divorce Specialist, Mediator, Certified Power Coach and Conflict Coach with certificates in ElderLaw, Collaborative Dispute & Resolution and Negotiation, a Certified Professional Consultant on Aging, and a Reiki Master. Her business, Sterling Financial, brings all her skills together to offer clients holistic guidance —looking at the whole picture to find custom solutions.

Unearth deeper questions

“You may come in because you want to know if you can afford to build an in-law suite for an aging parent, but that decision is connected to deeper conflicts. We can work to resolve those emotional issues in a coaching session, then look at your budget once we’ve figured out what you’re really asking,” Tanya says.

In a coaching session with Tanya you may unearth other questions which will inform your decision. Are you hesitating to renovate because you’re actually tired of your house in the city? Are you reluctant to give up your rental income because you were hoping to retire, or start your own business?

“Sometimes the issues are deeper and below the obvious, which is why the solutions don’t seem to fit so far. Talking through issues in a coaching session can bring about a shift, and that can be all you need to get moving again,” says Tanya, who developed skills to connect with her own internal processes as a child, and realized later that not everyone had yet come into those skills and needed some guidance to get there. “Just like not everyone is born with great communication skills or a passion for numbers, not everyone starts with that deep connection to their subconscious and sometimes they just need someone to walk with them to help find that path.”

Want help with estate planning, tax filing, business accounting, or a life challenge that feels too big to name? Call 250-857-1857 or email info@sterlingfinancial.ca to schedule a free 15 minute “Good-Fit” conversation.

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