The best place for tires and so much more: Big O Tires

The best place for tires and so much more: Big O Tires

From the ground up: Victoria auto shop keeps your vehicle in tip top shape

This year, many people are re-discovering the beautiful province of B.C. as they choose to vacation closer to home, and for many folks that means road trips! You might take your reliable car for granted for your daily commute or running the kids to school, but when you head out for a longer trip it’s always a good idea to make sure that all systems are good to go!

Where the rubber meets the road

Making sure you have good tires is a logical first step, and of course Big O Tires can help with that no matter what kind of vehicle you have. Their great prices and extensive stock means that no matter what you drive, the knowledgeable and experienced staff at Big O Tires can get you set up with the right tires at a great price. Installation is quick!

While tires are important, there is more to keeping your vehicle operating safely and at its most efficient. Did you know that Big O Tires does everything from oil changes to all major and minor mechanical work too? Local customers have consistently voted Big O ‘Best of the City’ for ‘Best Tire Shop,’ ‘Best Oil Change,’ and ‘Best Independent Auto Repair,’ and for good reason!

The expert staff at Big O Tires make sure your car is in tip top shape

The expert staff at Big O Tires make sure your car is in tip top shape

Safety first

“Today’s modern cars need far less than their predecessors in the way of regularly scheduled factory maintenance, but if you are heading out on the road for a longer trip, there is nothing like the peace of mind of knowing that all your vehicle’s safety systems from brakes and belts to lights and shocks are all working as they should be,” says Kevin Jensen, owner of Big O Tires for 27 years.

Oil changes are a regular necessity for any vehicle, but just getting a quick oil change without a safety inspection can mean that an undiagnosed problem is just waiting to happen. Big O Tires offers a $39.95, 36-point safety inspection by a certified expert with every oil change and a complementary top-up of all your vehicle’s fluids, meaning that your car is good to go for the work commute, the school-run, or on a family road trip.

While newer cars may have less in the way of factory-scheduled maintenance, they still have parts that wear, and making sure that everything is not only working properly, but is in good shape, is paramount to worry-free driving.

Full-service autoshop

Full-service autoshop

New shop, more ways to keep you rolling

The Big O Tires busy Quadra Street shop is a local fixture, but they’ve recently expanded with a brand new seven-bay full-service shop on the corner of Pandora and Quadra. There’s lots of parking and plenty of space to take care of all of your car’s mechanical requirements.

Make sure your vehicle is ready for summertime adventures.

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