Lawn bowling and croquet are both a great way for out for some dun, sun and friendly competition!

Lawn bowling and croquet are both a great way for out for some dun, sun and friendly competition!

Lawn bowling or croquet, these sports were made for spring … and summer!

Local clubs kick of their 2021 season – and want you to join them

If you’re looking for a fun way to get outside and get active with friends, now’s a great time to consider lawn bowling or croquet … or both!

The great news is that with numerous clubs throughout Greater Victoria, chances are there’s one right in your neighbourhood. It’s a wonderful way to get outside and get active with COVID protocols in place that follow provincial health guidelines.

  • Victoria Lawn Bowling Club – Offering year round access to lawn bowling and croquet, find them on the east side of Beacon Hill Park at 100 Cook St, next to the tennis courts. To join them this season, fill out their membership application form online or call 250-383-5851.
  • Burnside Lawn Bowling Club – Find this local club in Hampton Park, at 274 Hampton Rd., Saanich. If you’re interested in joining them for the season, fill out the following form.
  • Canadian Pacific Lawn Bowling Club – Established in 1923, this lawn bowling and croquet club is located at 720 Belleville St., next to Church of Our Lord and the Old Spaghetti Factory. They’re always welcoming new members, so if you’d like to get started, visit them here.
  • Gordon Head Lawn Bowling Club – Their facilities are located in Lambrick Park in Gordon Head at 4105 Lambrick Way, Saanich. To join their energetic team, contact them today!
  • Juan de Fuca Lawn Bowling Club – Saturday, April 24 marked the start of Juan de Fuca’s 2021 season, so if you haven’t registered yet, connect with them here. New members are always welcome, and you’ll find them next to Q Arena (formally known as Bear Mountain Arena) at 1767 Island Hwy., Colwood.
  • Oak Bay Lawn Bowling Club – With more than 200 club members, there’s no denying this place is popular! You can find them at 2190 Harlow Dr., and membership is open to everyone.
  • Sidney Lawn Bowling Club – One of the friendliest clubs on Vancouver Island, they’re located on 9580 Fifth Street. You won’t want to miss out on a season with this club – fill out their membership application today.
  • Vic West Community Lawn Bowls and Croquet – This sociable group welcomes all ages, so whether you’re eight or 80, you can become a member. Find them at 95 Bay St.

Visit the links above to find a club near you, and look forward to a 2021 season filled with fun activities enjoyed with new friends of all ages.