Saintly Senior Home Care on Vancouver Island

Saintly Senior Home Care on Vancouver Island

With 111 years of experience providing senior home support, Saint Elizabeth Health Care, now known nationally as SE Health, opened their doors in BC in 2011. They’ve been honing their quality senior care services for a very long time, influencing how people live and age at home.

The people at SE Health believe in creating ways for each person to age as well as possible – with health, vitality and dignity. And they come alongside the family caregiver with vital support, especially for the “sandwich generation” that is caring for children and parents at the same time. SE even provides resources for the family caregiver. Check out this service.

Caring Non-Profit Impacts Whole Society

As a not-for-profit social enterprise, SE Health brings a special perspective to home and family caregiving, in very personal ways. While corporate for-profit facilities and franchises fill a need in the marketplace, SE Health goes beyond generating revenue. Jim Bryant of Victoria SE Health, says, “we measure our performance on the positive impact we make for our clients and their families.”

Tips for Choosing a Professional Caregiver

With the population growing and aging on Vancouver Island, the focus is on how best to care for our aging relatives. Here are some questions you might want to ask when choosing a caregiver for your family member:

  • Do the care providers have the appropriate credentials; criminal record checks, up-to-date immunizations and first aid qualifications?
  • Are the nurses registered, with years of experience caring for the elderly?
  • Will your loved one have the same health care professional for each visit? SE is proud to have continuity of workers with clients.
  • Will the care aide be consistent enough to notice changes to general health, mobility and medication usage?

SE Health is Looking for Great People to Hire

With growing strains on government-funded health care services, the need for healthcare professionals is high. SE Health operations coordinator, Patti Petersen, has seen this trend grow over her 30-year career. She says, “we need skilled people who are diligent and caring with the necessary credentials.” And SE Health is expanding in the fall from Greater Victoria to Sooke and the Cowichan Valley.

She hires people that families would want caring for their loved ones. “You need to be quite vigilant in selecting a certain individual to care for those close to you. We’re putting the word out for high-quality health care professionals.” She’s glad to hear from people interested in senior care. Find out if you’re a ‘super caregiver’ with this quiz.