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Victoria supermarket champions local youth through baseball sponsorship

Since supermarket founding in 1977, supporting local sports has been part of the DNA'
The Fairfield Thrifty Foods has supported local youth sports since the store opened in 1977. This year, it's supporting the District 7 all-star baseball tournament, June 28 to July 7! Photo courtesy of Thrifty Foods Fairfield.

In the heart of Victoria, Thrifty Foods Fairfield has long been recognized for its fresh produce, community presence and its support of local youth initiatives. 

This summer, Thrifty Foods Fairfield continues its tradition of community engagement by sponsoring the District 7 all-star baseball tournament, a prominent event in the local youth sports calendar.

"Since our founding in 1977, supporting local sports has been part of our DNA," says Ray Gudmundson, Store Manager at Thrifty Foods Fairfield.

The coming tourney, scheduled from June 28 to July 7 will feature the top Little League talents in the region.

The stakes of the tournament are high, with the winning team advancing to the Little League Provincials.“ This sponsorship is about building community and fostering a sense of achievement among the kids,” Gudmundson says. 

Thrifty Foods is contributing $1,000 in "Smile card" to purchase supplies for the concession during the Tourney,  with all proceeds raised supporting the league's fundraising efforts.

"It's crucial for us to give back to the community that has supported us for so long," he says.

The Thrifty Foods team will also be hands-on during the tournament, aiding with 50/50 ticket sales and operating the concession stands. Such involvement ensures a direct connection with the community and provides store employees a chance to engage with the youth and their families outside the store environment.

Daryl, one of the event organizers, appreciates the longstanding relationship with Thrifty Foods. "Over the years, many players from our leagues have worked at the store. It’s wonderful to see these young individuals thriving both on and off the field, contributing to the community," he says.

Beyond the field, Thrifty Foods’ commitment extends throughout their operations with initiatives such as providing fresh food, supplies and financial support to various causes. 

"We're looking forward to a great week of baseball and community building," Gudmundson says. 

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