The future of cannabis oils in the treatment of cancer is a growing topic.                                (Photo creative commons

The future of cannabis oils in the treatment of cancer is a growing topic. (Photo creative commons

Cannabis oil a new way to treat cancer symptoms

Island Prostate Centre hosts seminar on medical cannabis

While the studies are ongoing in the medical research community as to just how effective cannabis derived oils are in treating cancer, there is a enough evidence to suggest it’s worth considering as part of an overall treatment.

The non-recreational cannabis-derived oil is shown to minimize pain, benefit sleep and relieve stress and anxiety, all symptoms that come with cancer.

On Thursday night (Oct. 4) the Island Prostate Centre in Victoria is hosting Dr. Zeid Mohamedali, a urologist in Port Alberni, this to speak about cannabis and prostate cancer at the Prostate Cancer Support Group meeting. Mohamedali is a proponent that medical cannabis can benefit patients as part of their overall cancer treatment.

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“Cannabis is a big part of [Mohamedali’s] medical practice, [particularly] its use of symptomatic care,” said Leanne Kopp, executive director of the Island Prostate Centre. “Our role is to continue education and to support all types of treatments.”

The Prostate Cancer Support Group is a safe place for men and their families to share their experience with prostate cancer (a topic that some find difficult to talk about) and also to continually inform people about the latest and greatest in treatments for prostate cancer. This week that includes the use of cannabis, Kopp said.

“For many people it’s about finding ways to improve the quality of life, and if there’s a way cannabis will alleviate pain and have other benefits,” said Kopp, who has managed the support group for 18 of its 20 years. “Cannabis is a growing sector and more people are open to these options, but not everyone is.”

Last month the Prostate Cancer Support Group brought 87 people came out to see another local urologist, Dr. Jeff McCracken, speak about the latest on prostate cancer treatments for National Prostate Health Month.

“All members of community are welcome, there are great education opportunities to learn more about this disease,” Kopp said. “Prevention is key and this could save your life one day.”

Meetings are the first Thursday of the month at 7 p.m. in room S150 of the Royal Jubilee Hospital Patient Care Centre 1952 Bay St. (walk straight in the PCC past the gift shop).

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