Joshua Simair and his brother Chris

Joshua Simair and his brother Chris

Company delivering food to doorsteps of Victorians

When SkipTheDishes launched in Winnipeg in 2014, it was more an information/technology company than a restaurant delivery service.

When SkipTheDishes launched in Winnipeg in 2014, it was more an information/technology company than a restaurant delivery service.

It was founded by Joshua, Chris and Daniel Simair, Jeff Adamson, and Andrew Chau, and from the beginning it utilized cutting edge IT and logistics to grow the company to where, today, it operates in 25 markets across the U.S. and Canada. And the number keeps growing.

Now Victoria has been added to the list of cities in which the company operates.

The concept iseasy enough.

Customers go online to the company’s website to choose a restaurant from the list of participating eateries. In Victoria, more than 40 restaurants are already on that list, including some well known favourites of Victoria diners. That number is only the beginning as it is Joshua Simair’s intent on growing that number rapidly.

After selecting a restaurant, customers browse the menu, select their food and beverage orders, and place an order. They also indicate whether they want pick-up or delivery, and the time the order is desired.

After the order is complete, a confirmation is sent to the customer’s device, listing the estimated time the food will be ready for pick up or delivery. For delivery orders, some restaurants provide live order updates and real-time GPS tracking of the food courier carrying the order.  Delivery is currently available between 11:30 a.m. and 9 p.m. for Victoria and surrounding areas, but the company plans to expand those hours in the coming weeks.

In the highly competitive restaurant business, the service can be of real benefit, according to Simair.

“We send millions of dollars in extra revenue to local restaurants,” he said.

“Many of the restaurants using SkipTheDishes in Victoria have never offered delivery before, so this will be a brand new way for them to grow their customer base.”

Simair anticipates a 10 to 30 per cent increase in business for participating restaurants.

“If you take a look at cities where we’ve been established for a while like Calgary, there are literally hundreds of our couriers going in and out the doors of restaurants, boosting their sales and profits,” said Simair. “We love our cities and Victoria deserves to have a great food delivery system.”

Customers who can’t find their favourite restaurant on the website are invited to submit their name to the company who will reach out to offer the service to that restaurant. Restaurants have to meet the criteria required by SkipTheDishes and be able to handle the added volume and prioritize SkipTheDishes orders.

The company’s success has seen an astounding rate of expansion and, in 2016,  its success attracted the attention of Just Eat — a London, England based company who purchased SkipTheDishes for a reported $110 million. According to a news release touting the sale at the time, SkipTheDishes was expected to generate $23.5 million in revenue in 2016. Simair continued to head SkipTheDishes as a standalone unit.

A full list of the restaurants offering delivery in Victoria and the app download are available at