Crowd funding helps Victoria band continue tour

Crowd funding helps Victoria band continue tour

The Vultures turned to gofundme when a faulty transmission stranded them in Winnipeg.

Anybody who’s been part of a band has wanted to tour the country, playing club shows and travelling with your best friends in the back of a cramped vehicle.

That’s how many independent acts started out while they gained experience and paid their dues along the way. This usually involved living frugally with all available funds going towards gas or food too.

The Vultures are a hardcore band from Victoria, and after many months of preparation they’ve embarked on their first ever national tour, ending in Ottawa.

After borrowing a friends cargo van when their own vehicle broke down just prior to departure, the band found itself stranded once again — this time in Winnipeg. That’s when they decided to turn to a popular online crowd sourcing website for help.

“Thank you to anyone who has taken the time to read this and extend their empathy – any donation amount helps, and if you cannot donate, please consider sharing this page on social media to help word spread,” reads a portion of their gofundme page.

In less than 24 hours the group had raised their goal of $1,500 to fix their transmission and continue their tour. While they’re no longer accepting donations, everyone who did provide support will receive a digital copy of their album.

And many of the posters also provided words of encouragement to go along with their donations:


Crowd funding helps Victoria band continue tour