Developer eyes 5-storey building for Cook Street Village

Cook Street Village residents are seeking more consultation on a proposed development in the area.

Residents of Fairfield’s Cook Street Village are opposing a rezoning proposal for a five-storey mixed-use building.

The developer, Urban Core Ventures Ltd., is proposing the rezoning of 1041 Oliphant St., and 220, 214 and 212 Cook St. The new building would have five commercial units and 61 apartment units, including nine designated market rental units, said Leonard Cole, owner of Urban Core Ventures.

Prior to a meeting with the Fairfield community on Dec. 15, Urban Core Ventures mailed out almost 400 notices to the neighbourhood, and around 35 people attended.

One of the biggest concerns brought up was the hight.

“It’s absolutely massive,” said Wayne Hollohan, Cook Street resident, adding that he does not think the building will fit with the rest of Cook Street Village.

Cole said the new development would be 11 feet taller than the East Park condo building next door.

There seemed to be equal numbers speaking in favour and against the proposed project, states Fairfield’s planning and zoning committee meeting minutes.

“I think this is a unique opportunity and a very significant site that offers an opportunity to see some density in the village,” said Cole.

Hollohan has sent a letter to the city of Victoria asking mayor and council to request the developer to hold a second community meeting.

“At this point, even though I have strong feelings about what is being proposed, I want to get back onto a proper consultation and provide a venue for people to see the plans and comment accordingly,” said Hollohan.

He would like to see the meeting notices be sent out to a wider range of people in the area, including all of the businesses in the village.

“It’s an area that affects all the people in Fairfield,” said Hollohan. “If there’s ever a time to speak to this project, it is at the initial beginning.”