Dog involved in Colwood attack one of only a handful of ‘extreme’ cases euthanized each year

‘Someone could have been killed,” says CRD bylaw officer

CRD officials confirm Rex has been euthanized. (Facebook/Kyla Johnson)

CRD officials confirm Rex has been euthanized. (Facebook/Kyla Johnson)

In the wake of a serious dog attack that was said to be triggered by the behaviour of loud intoxicated men in a Colwood home, debate raged online about whether the dog should be saved from euthanzation, some saying the animal was put in an unfair situation.

When faced with an aggressive dog involved in an attack, the Captial Regional District looks at each case individually. Don Brown, chief bylaw officer with the CRD said the dog’s age, pattern of behaviour, and severity of the attack all play into the decision of whether to euthanize.

In the Nov. 3 attack, Rex, a 100 lbs. pitbull, reportedly agitated by shouting and roughhousing during a social gathering, “went after one fellow very aggressively, biting his neck,” Brown said. “I think if they weren’t able to contain the dog, someone could have been killed. It was a horrific one.”

The dog attack left 13 people – including children– barricaded inside a residence, many of the adults having sustained injuries.

The four-year-old pitbull had a history of being passed between several owners.

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One of those owners contacted Brown after the attack.

“The previous owner said Rex had extreme anxiety and aggression issues. Noise was a big thing. He had considered getting him euthanized but instead passed him along to another home,” Brown said. “Aggressive behaviour was not a new thing for the dog.”

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That combination of factors had Rex deemed too dangerous to re-home.

Rex was put down on Tuesday, Nov. 6.

“We don’t put a lot of dogs down – about six a year – and they are almost always ones that the owner has willingly turned over. We put them down only when it is absolutely necessary,” said Brown.

“We all love animals here. These are tragic cases.”

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