For the record

A correction to the May 20 Rickter Scale

For the record

In a column on the new assault rifle ban in Canada, published in the May 20 edition of the Goldstream Gazette, it was stated that a firearm “that can blast a burst of bullets with a single squeeze is in essence an assault rifle…” This describes an automatic weapon, while the new ban prohibits various models of military-style semi-automatic rifles, which fire one round with every pull of the trigger. Fully automatic weapons have been prohibited in Canada for decades.

The column also incorrectly stated the number of imported restricted semi-automatic rifles. A copy of the Canadian Firearms Registry released through the Access to Information Act in 2018 listed a total of 70,160 restricted semi-automatic rifles registered to individuals at that point, along with 9,967 prohibited rifles.

We apologize for the errors and any confusion it may have caused.

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