McCallum Road reopens after fuel spill

McCallum Road reopens after fuel spill

A large water truck broke down and spilled roughly 300 litres of diesel fuel

A broken water truck led to a multi-hour closure of McCallum Road Monday afternoon.

The truck broke down at roughly 11:30 a.m. on the roadway near Best Buy. Crews finished cleaning the area and traffic reopened to two-way traffic by 5:00 p.m.

The truck leaked roughly 300 litres of diesel fuel, with most of it pouring into nearby storm drains. Langford and Ministry of Environment officials surveyed outfall locations to determine the extent of the leak, but it’s unknown how much of the fuel still needed to be cleaned up.

The truck’s frame failed, leading to a rupturing of its fuel tanks.

The cargo tank remained intact, although the truck’s weight posed problems for emergency crews.

“The water became a problem for us because the weight became too much for tow trucks to get it up on the flat deck. We had to hook up hoses to another water truck and gravity helped us to get the water off-loaded,” Aubrey said.

Access to Costco, Staples, Home Depot and Best Buy was limited to alternative routes during the closure.

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