Gathering aims for middle ground in Greater Victoria amalgamation debate

The “conversation” aims to avoid the pro- or anti- factions in this hot-button topic

Greater Victoria residents are invited to join in Tuesday (Feb. 7) on what organizers hope will be a different kind of discussion about regional amalgamation.

The “conversation” aims to avoid the pro- or anti- factions in this hot-button topic.

Finding speakers that are open to the shades of grey, however, is proving difficult, said co-organizer Shellie Gudgeon. If none are found, the event will morph into more of a cafe-style discussion, she said.

“Probably six months ago, if you asked me if I was for amalgamation, I would have said yes,” said the new Victoria city councillor.

Through her civic election campaign and first few months on the job, however, her perspective has changed by talking to many passionate people.

“What I learned is that this in not a black and white issue,” Gudgeon said.

“We picked the word amalgamation after much debate …. We could have talked mergers or integration or working together, but I don’t think it would ignite the public like the ‘A’ word.”

On the table is a discussion about all sorts of options for joining forces – not necessarily erasing municipal boundaries.

Instead, she sees Victoria pointing fingers at the rest of the region for not contributing to solutions f regional problems centered in the downtown core. She also sees suburban municipalities pointing the finger right back, complaining the city reaps all the business taxes.

“It’s an excuse,” said Gudgeon.

Mark your calendar

What: A Conversation about Amalgamation

Where: S.J. Willis school, 923 Topaz Ave.

When: Tuesday, Feb. 7, 7 to 9 p.m.

Cost: Free, but participants are asked to register at