Nicole Crescenzi/VICTORIA NEWS

Nicole Crescenzi/VICTORIA NEWS

Good Samaritans help Victoria police catch domestic violence suspect

The man was under a court order to not be in contact with victim

Police in Victoria are thanking members of the public who helped them nab a domestic violence suspect on Sunday.

An officer in Vic West noticed a man said to be violating his bail conditions by being in the company of a women he was not allowed to be with, due to an alleged violent assault that occurred earlier this month.

According to police, when the man saw the officer he fled the area on foot.

But thanks to onlookers directing police, they were able to catch up to him near the Bay Street bridge and the Galloping Goose trail, before finally taking him into custody near the trestle.

“Once the officer made his way to the trail, a cyclist advised the officer that the man fled northbound on the trail,” Cst. Matt Rutherford said in a release.

“The officer continued running and was alerted by another citizen that the man had gone down to the beach near the trestle. Two other officers were on the trestle with two kayakers yelling that the man was right under the officers.”

He was then taken into custody.

Earlier tips included the suspect hiding in a parking lot, and moving off the main road through bushes and brush.

Police say the arrest would not have happened without support and assistance from the public and the Victoria Police Department thanked everyone who assisted with information.

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