Google Maps shows heavy traffic during the morning of Nov. 7 in Greater Victoria. (Google Maps)

Google Maps shows heavy traffic during the morning of Nov. 7 in Greater Victoria. (Google Maps)

Heavy traffic leads to slow commute from West Shore into Victoria

Traffic volumes from Langford and Colwood have been built up more than usual along Trans Canada highway

Traffic along the Trans Canada Highway is slow once again Wednesday morning as commuters move between the West Shore and downtown Victoria.

Changes at the McKenzie Interchange came into effect at midnight on Oct. 31, and complaints of traffic delays began the next morning. Once the interchange opens, expected at the end of 2019, it is expected to reduce peak commute times by up to 20 minutes.

For the past week, however, traffic has been backed up bumper-to-bumper as far back as Leigh Road on Highway 1 and to Metchosin Road along Highway 14.

On Facebook, readers complained of the Nov. 6 commute, with Candy Dean Cole writing, “Traffic has not been fun at all the last few days. 45 minutes to go from Dairy Queen on Sooke Road through the West Shore. I work downtown and now need to leave at 6:30 to get there for 8 am, and I might have to leave earlier! Brutal! Something needs to be done. Not sure if the recent traffic issues are due to the light issues at the McKenzie Overpass.”

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Others called for more jobs on the West Shore so they wouldn’t have to commute at all, while some suggested long waits in traffic were because of the light timing at McKenzie intersection.

“The left turn at McKenzie takes a long time. It took 5 minutes before 5 am. I can imagine during regular hours it probably blocks all the traffic heading into town,” Deb Wormald wrote.

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