Ideas shared at Victoria conference

What began last year as a weekly meeting of Greater Victoria thinkers has evolved into a two-day conference.

Idea Wave has no theme. Rather, it’s a random collection of speakers presenting their ideas to other thinkers.

“I try to cram as many ideas in as possible – it’s 10-minute talks,” said Kris Constable, the second annual event’s fast-talking, high-energy organizer.

“What we want to do is when you articulate an idea with all other critical thinkers in one room, they’ll say to you, ‘I want to make that happen.’ Not all talks are like that.”

Constable is a member of the Ideas Group, which meets Wednesday evenings at the Canadian Pacific Lawn Bowling Club – not to throw bowls, but to talk about ideas.

Derek Jacoby is also part of the group. He helped launch Victoria Makerspace – a collection of people who buy tools ranging from 3-D printers to laser cutters – in order to make things and help others do the same.

“Makerspace is founded on the idea that to build things, you need tools. And it’s silly for an individual to invest in tools to explore the full range of opportunities, when you will only use it once in a blue moon,” he said.

Jacoby will describe Makerspace at Idea Wave alongside an expert on crowdsourcing, a speaker on the art of energy, B.C. Green Party leader Jane Sterk and Liam McLachlan, the man behind the Victoria Open Wi-Fi project.

Idea Wave has 50 speakers over two days, Feb. 26-27. It runs from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Comfort Hotel and Conference Centre, 3020 Blanshard St. Tickets are $50, available at