Man stabbed at CFB Esquimalt housing

A Canadian Forces member was stabbed Monday night in the residential housing area at Work Point.

Military police and paramedics were called to the area at 8 p.m. A man was rushed to hospital with non-life-threatening stab wounds and released sometime Tuesday.

Lt. Michael McWhinnie, base spokesperson, said the case was transferred from the care of CFB Esquimalt military police to the Canadian Forces National Investigation Service.

“The simple thing is when it’s considered a serious crime, the National Investigation Service takes the lead,” McWhinnie said.

CFNIS reports to a commanding officer in Ottawa, not to Esquimalt’s base commander.

The service takes over cases that are “serious or sensitive service and criminal offences against property, persons, and the Department of National Defence.”

CFNIS did not respond to calls for more details on the investigation. It’s not clear whether a suspect was arrested.